Sunday, October 5, 2008


So, I had planned to do this for a while, and unfortunately never got around to it before now. I can't believe the first quarter has already come to a close. I will be using the blog as a way to help keep you updated on what we are doing in Kaleidoscope each week. We started our year out with a study of Ellis Island, and have recently been studying the 1900-1910 decade for our unit. We will start there and work our way through the 20th century. I've taken several pictures, and will upload them as I have a chance.


Ingrid Williams said...

I saw that you have one follower, but I could not find a way to follow it myself ... you can add it on the layout settings. Also, I noticed you mentioned posting photos when you have time. If you happen to use Picasa (I highly recommend it - though I was a skeptic before using it) because it is VERY easy to keep track of photos and blog to Blogger.

Sparkle Fairy Jazz said...

we can't find the one for liberty I've tried for an hour but can't find it my mom said there is a certaint thing we had to look up but she doesn't remember e-mail me at